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Integrated Analytical Solutions, Inc. is a proud member of Genesis Drug Discovery & Development (GD3), a fully integrated CRO providing services to support drug discovery programs of our clients from target discovery through IND filing and managing Phase I-III clinical trials.

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IAS is your trusted bioanalytical partner

Specializing in GLP and non-GLP bioanalytical services using LC-MS/MS and immunoassay methods. Our team works with you to determine the right bioanalytical approach for each stage of development and every size of budget. We’re dedicated to developing methods for our client’s most challenging drug candidates and biomarkers.

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Intelligent Workflow for Faster Turnaround

Step out of long lines at the giant CRO and get into the workflow at IAS. We are a company built around our core competency in bioanalytical services. The bioanalytical workflow system at IAS is comprised of the best practices for sample log-in, study scheduling, sample analysis and data-reporting.

The data we deliver, for regulatory or research purposes, will always meet client, internal, and applicable compliance standards.

Fit-for-Purpose Methods

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  • IAS Qualify Icon Qualify
  • IAS Validate Icon Validate

Research Track

Bioanalysis for PK Screening

Are you looking for cost leadership in your discovery-research bioanalysis? Our time-tested approaches to bioanalytical method development for new chemical entities (NCE’s) allows clients to obtain snapshot pharmacokinetic data quickly and economically. The Research Track approach is appropriate for early PK screening, cassette PK studies and analyzing plasma samples from pharmacology efforts.

In most cases, we’re able to deliver a bioanalytical report to you within 7 days of receiving your samples.

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Qualification Track

Bioanalysis for Lead Optimization/Selection

As selected compounds show promise it may be necessary to further characterize the overall suitability of their bioanalytical methods. We offer various levels of bioanalytical method qualification to provide you with the assurance that a method has the desired level of accuracy, precision, sensitivity and stability for a particular stage of development. At this level, bioanalytical methods for lead candidates and critical biomarkers are further optimized and qualified to support pivotal PK studies, dose range-finding, toxicokinetic, and tissue distribution studies.

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Validation Track

GLP Bioanalysis

Ensuring a method performs according to established criteria with each set of test samples is of paramount importance for data intended for regulatory submission. At this stage of development, bioanalytical method validation and test sample analysis will be under the control of our Quality Assurance Unit. Bioanalytical methods are validated according to EMEA/FDA guidance and your test samples are analyzed according to the FDA GLP regulations and IAS Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

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Full support for test samples from the following studies:

  • Discovery PK studies
  • Cassette PK studies
  • Biomarker Studies
  • Toxicokinetic studies
  • Pharmacology studies
  • Clinical studies (Phase I-IV)
  • Tissue distribution studies
  • Drug-drug interaction studies
  • BA/BE studies