Drug Metabolism

IAS is your go-to source for drug metabolism testing

From off-the-shelf assays to compound-specific investigations, IAS is here to support your high-throughput screening (HTS) and lead optimization efforts for drug metabolism testing.

IAS has economical solutions for providing metabolic stability data for all of your early discovery screens. The data we provide will facilitate prioritization of your discovery compounds.

Our scientific staff is trained to provide expert guidance for metabolite identification and drug-drug interaction studies. The findings from these studies are critical to the selection of appropriate species for in vivo toxicology studies and for developing clinical testing strategies.

We’re always on-call to perform the analytics for your in-house metabolism experiments.

In Vitro Metabolism

In Vitro Metabolism Assays

Our in vitro metabolism screens are an efficient approach to evaluating the stability and clearance or your test compounds in the presence of drug metabolizing enzymes.

Assay Capabilities
  • Liver, Intestinal and Renal Microsomes
  • Liver, Intestinal and Renal S9
  • Cryopreserved Hepatocytes
  • Reaction phenotyping using recombinant enzymes
Assay Features
  • Time profiles may be customized for each experiment
  • Support for investigations in all relevant species
  • Reaction conditions tailored to meet your needs for Phase I and II metabolism
Metabolite Identification

Metabolite Identification

IAS offers expert capabilities for identifying metabolites that may cause unintended side effects. The data acquired from these experiments is interpreted and scrutinized by our most experienced scientific staff. You can expect very detailed reports containing elucidated/proposed metabolite structures as well as sites of modification on the precursor molecule.

Metabolite ID Capabilities
  • In Vitro: analysis performed in samples from concentrated in vitro reactions
  • In Vivo: analysis performed in selected matrices from PK, Tox and Clinical studies
Drug-drug Interaction (DDI) Assays

Drug-Drug Interaction (DDI) Assays

Understanding compound interactions with co-dosed medications is critical to the drug development and market approval process. IAS provides DDI data to steer you toward drug candidates with reduced potential for adverse events and toxicity.

CYP450 Inhibition Studies
  • IC50 Determination
  • Single Point Inhibition Studies

Protein Binding Assays

Our protein binding assays aim to improve your understanding of the efficacy, distribution, elimination and safety profiles of your compound.

Protein Binding Capabilities
  • All Species of Plasma/Serum
  • Equilibrium Dialysis
  • Single Protein Studies Available
Plasma Stability Assays

Plasma Stability Assays

Determine the extent to which your compound is a substrate for plasma enzymes.

Plasma enzymes may degrade a research compound and alter its desired effect. This can have implications for both PK screening and bioanalytical procedures. IAS offers plasma stability assays across multiple species of plasma.

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